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AKEBA Fashion Show

It was wonderful. On the 21st of November, 2015, the AKEBA Black Student Union at SUNY Plattsburgh gave us the opportunity to showcase our current and up and coming clothes in the Seasons Fashion Show.
The current clothes that were showcased ranged across our product line. They included the Long Print Dress, the Premium Dashiki Dress, the Dashiki Jumpsuit, the Premium Dashiki, the Dashiki Dress and the Heart of African Dashiki.
We gave the audience a sneak peak into some of the clothes that will be released in 2016. These included the Dashiki CropTop, TankTop and vest.
We would like to give a huge thanks to the AKEBA Black Student Union at SUNY Plattsburgh!
Jensine in the Long Print Dress
Victoria in the Premium Dashiki
Aazja in the Premium Dashiki Dress
Brianna in the Long Print Dress
Jennifer in the Dashiki Jumpsuit
Alex in the Premium Dashiki Dress
Jessica in the Heart of Africa Dashiki
Antonia in the Dashiki Dress
Oumar in the Premium Dashiki Zipped - Coming Soon
Alpha in the Dashiki Vest - Coming Soon
Fatim'a in the Dashiki CropTop - Coming Soon
Andy in the Dashiki TankTop - Coming Soon
The CEO of African Connection speaking on current and future apparel
Founder-CEO of African Connection
Christopher K. Minta

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