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African Connection would definitely not be what it is without our customers. Our customers are the reason why we do what we do. You guys are the life blood of African Connection.

That is why we like to reach out, and make sure every single customer has a great experience. We are always willing to get back to you, on any suggestions, questions, or simply just to say hi. E-mail us at

As a note of our appreciation, here are some pictures our customers have sent us of them wearing our products:

Marlene with her Kente Bow tie and Kente Tie

Naja in her Premium White-Purple dashiki

Michael in his Premium Yellow-Blue dashiki

Antonia (Ms. Nigeria) in her Red Dashiki

Michael in his Premium White-Green dashiki

Michael in his custom fitted Premium Burgundy dashiki


Theresa in her custom fitted Beige dashiki

Feel free to send us a picture of you in your African Connection apparel to be featured on our Instagram page, @_african.connection 

Founder of African Connection

Christopher K. Minta

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